We are often asked how to write a letter to someone with cancer. We always advise to write about everyday things as this is what patients tell us they enjoy reading. Our letters reduce the loneliness and social anxiety so often connected to cancer.

Example letters give ideas and inspiration, although the letter format and stationery is down to you.

Here's one we received this week - we think it will make you smile.


I hope you are doing OK today. I thought I would share my experience of a recent yoga class.

I find yoga very relaxing and do it regularly. Today I had a lovely position in the studio, by the window so I could watch the clouds and hear the birds! Perfect.

Mary, my teacher, took us through a series of asanas and balances and then at the end of the class invited us to lie back for the relaxation part of the session. Soft music, calm, peace. But then a sudden thundering noise - the man next to me had farted. And farted so loudly it almost shook the ground. The next thing we heard was a whispering 'sorry' and a class full of giggles.



Thank you Sarah Walker for this wonderful letter.

If you enjoy writing and would like to brighten the day of cancer patients, please get involved here.

And for tips on how to get started, read our sample letter beginnings here.

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