We know sometimes it's not easy to know what to write in your letter, especially if you're writing to a stranger.

We have a tip for you - why not try writing to something rather than someone. You might be surprised at where the letter takes you and if you're happy with the result, just pop it in a card saying that you hope the reader enjoys your unusual letter.

Our Donate A Letter writer Liz did just that. Here's her letter:

Dear Hubcap,

I wonder why the only time I truly notice you is when you are alone, flung off a speeding car tyre and strewn on a grass verge or in a ditch?

What is your role, actually? is it protection? Is to be visually pleasing? Are you unhappy by the onslaught of modern alloy wheels - so beloved by men, so ignored by the fairer sex?

Will you end up in a museum, a relic and reminder of our first cars - held together by rust and mesh? Will we mourn your passing? Will the next generation wonder who you were, like a vinyl record? Isn't it interesting that so many 'round' things have become obsolete - records, DVDs, minidiscs, space hoppers!

I still have the front number plate from my first car - it's TRE 864X (a talbot sunbeam, pale yellow with a black vinyl roof) - but never even wondered whether a hubcap survived me handing the car down to my brother.

Where are you now? I hope you are still shining, wherever you may be.

Your friend


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