We've have had the most wonderful response to our Summer Letter Writing Competition and have been thoroughly spoilt by the quality of the letters. We had intended to shortlist 5 for our judge, Liz Maguire, but instead we have long listed 11. inviting them all to a Letters Connect online letter writing workshop.

We'll be announcing the winner on the 30th July but in the meantime here's a taster of some of the long listed letters.

‘Verdant is the word that springs to mind. It even smells green.” (Lexi)

“It couldn’t be summer without ice cream” (Glyn)

‘On the spur of the moment, we decided we’d brave it. We’d seen other people swimming so it must be OK.” (Alan)

"The smell of suncream reminds me of childhood summer and the constant slightly greasy feeling!” (Claire)

‘Mrs Jones says you hold your hand loosely at the bottom of the stem then pull gently upwards. Have a go. Now smell your hands. Wow. Lavender.” (Annie)

’The flamboyant pop art colours of pompom dahlias; bubblegum pink, lollipop red, flaming orange.” (Penelope)

“If it all seems a bit like looking through rose-tinted spectacles - if you can’t do that in summer when can you?” Kathryn

“We finally arrived in London. It was cold and wet. It was the end of August.” (Tatjiana)

“When I was little we’d always have our dinner outside in the summer. On tuppaware plates.” (Zoe)

“The ice cream man’s name is Frank. He is honestly the happiest bloke you’ll ever meet". (Alix)

“Guess what caught my eye today in Lidl? Some big juicy red plums. I had to buy them.” (Natalie)

Thank you to everyone who entered and watch this space to hear who has won.

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