Our letter-loving Liz Maguire of Flea Market Love Letters has done a great job judging our Summer Letter Writing Competition. Here are her comments on the 6 shortlisted entries. But who will the winner be... all revealed on Friday 30th July

Jackie: Such a colorful, happy summertime representation. This made me smile to see and I am sure the recipient will enjoy it ten fold in the hand!

Alan: A meditation on the seaside and that moment of submersion. Very tactile. I felt like I was doing the dipping -- I did like how his wife forged ahead sans jelly shoes while he was avoiding the pebbles, hehe.

Kathryn: "the sun is never far behind the clouds in summer" is a brilliant way to look at things and I would suspect an ethos that From Me To You could really get behind. Her little vignettes of summertime words were like jewels -- I could see someone having one of those rocking around in their imagination for a morning.

Alix: "I reckon we can stop looking for the elixir of life as Frank the ice cream man has found it." Frank has it!

Tatjana: The Little Girl and the Apple. That could be a scene in a film. I wonder how hard that must have been for the family, to live apart for three years and reunite. Really drives home the challenges of isolation and lockdowns, essentially restrictions.

Zoe: Her revisions in the sunshine and "plinky plonky" ice cream man (a theme!). Enjoying the sunshine and the moments and time moving too fast...

To read some of our favourite lines from all the 11 long listed letters, here they are

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