In the UK, so many of us will be spending another year not being able to see our mothers on Mother's Day. Once again the card and letter are such vital ways for us to connect and celebrate the day.

When writing a card to your own cherished mum, could you also find time to write a few words of warmth and support to another significant maternal figure in your life?

So this Mother’s Day, why not get around your worries about not knowing what to say by jotting a few thoughts, tales or updates down in a letter? Whether to your mum, aunt, godmother or other important female figure in your life, it’s the perfect way to stay in touch. It gives you time to think about what you want to say and, most importantly, it makes sure the person receiving your message feels remembered and supported.

See this blog post for a sample letter to get your own writing juices flowing.

And here are some envelope sized gifts to accompany your letter:

  • What says I love you more than an origami heart - and they're super easy to make - here's how

  • Why not pop some of your favourite photos on a USB stick and pop that in the envelope?

  • Get the kids to draw pictures - there's nothing more joyful than seeing yourself through the eyes of a child!

  • Letters Connectare hosting a spring themed letter writing workshop - buy a place here and they'll send a gift you a voucher. All profits are donated to us

  • Our friends at Spotlight Stationery send out boxes of beautiful stationery perfectly sized for the letterbox

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