As the UK comes to terms with its 3rd lockdown and an even more infectious variant of the corona virus, Macmillan Cancer UK's report (October 2020)about the impact of the pandemic on cancer patients makes for difficult reading.

  • Waiting lists for cancer treatments have doubled over the last 7 months.

  • Patients are waiting over 104 days for their first treatment.

  • 41% of people living with cancer whose treatment is delayed or cancelled say they feel significantly more stressed, anxious or depressed.

As the friend or family member of someone living with cancer, you may be feeling helpless as to how to support them. Last year in response to the pandemic we launched our Happy Box. The Happy Box is filled with donated letters from across the globe, all waiting to be sent out to brighten a day, offer support, bring a smile. Those living with cancer can dip into our Happy Box whenever they need to and we'll get a letter out to them, helping to relieve their sense of isolation.

We ask you to let your loved ones know about the Happy Box and encourage them to request a letter. Letters are free, there's no reply asked for and it's guaranteed to bring a smile.

Dip into the Happy Box here

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