Hi Brian and Alison.

I opened my first From Me to You letter earlier today. I’d been keeping it for a truly yucky day, which today is turning out to be, and it was so heartwarming and kind it couldn’t have been lovelier. Thank you so much, and to Lin who wrote (and made) the card.


Hi Brian and Alison

I am writing to you on behalf of my Dad who received a letter from Suzie during his Chemo treatment. He absolutely loved receiving his letter. He said it really brightened his mood whilst he was nervous waiting for chemo. Thank you very much, it’s such a lovely idea for individuals going through cancer.

I hope you are both well during this lockdown.

Many Thanks.


Good afternoon,

We hope this email finds you well. My step-father passed away recently from pancreatic cancer aged just 49. For a while, he was in Nottingham City hospital but we did manage to get him home in the end and he passed away peacefully at home. During his stay in hospital it was extremely difficult for all of us with not being able to see him or hold his hand. We have just got around to emptying his hospital bag and found a ‘me to you’ letter amongst his things. It brings us such comfort that he got to receive one of your letters and we wanted to thank you for providing him with that little extra support and kindness he so very much needed.

Best wishes,


Hi, have just had a little but gorgeous card from Renate.

If you know who it was, please thank her from me.



I have just received a beautiful card and wanted to say thank you.

I live in Bristol and have just finished a creative writing.

I’m interested in being part of the charity to write letters.

What an excellent idea.

Very much appreciated.


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