We love writing letters but know sometimes you can run out of inspiration or just crave the company of others.

Our new venture, Letters Connect, could be the answer. Letters Connect is a Letter Writing Club hosting monthly online letter writing workshops, sharing inspiration, creativity and tips with its members.

You can either join an online workshop whenever you fancy or, for better value, sign up to the Letter Writing Club with a monthly subscription, and not only join every month's workshop but also receive free places for friends. And if you can't make any of the workshops, get sent the recording instead. And, even better, with every workshop comes a box of beautifully themed stationery, along with a surprise gift.

All profits from the workshops are donated to us, so for every penny you spend you know you'll be helping to keep those living with cancer connected and feel less isolated.

Here are the links you need to get involved.

Letter Writing Club - monthly subscription from as little as £5

March Workshop - in case you fancy trying out before you buy. Use the promo code SPRING50 to get a 50% discount.

Stationery Box will be sent to you before each workshop.

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