We're delighted to share that we have been awarded a grant by the Lottery Community Fund (Local Connections Fund) which is specifically designed to reduce loneliness in communities.

This means that we can run a pilot project for something we have been wanting to do for a while - create a service whereby our Donate A Letter recipients can write a thank you letter back to their letter writer.

In a survey we conducted, 75% of our letter recipients said they would welcome the opportunity to communicate with their letter writer, and of those, 85% said they'd like to be able to write a thank you letter.

For the next 3 months, those letter recipients who receive their letters from us via Treatment Bag and via our own Happy Box will be offered the opportunity to write back. There is no obligation to write back but if they do, their writer (identified by a first name and a reference number) will be asked if they would like to receive the letter. All letters will remain anonymous so all data is protected. And we will, of course, read all the letters before sending them on.

Equally, on the part of the writer, there will be not obligation to receive a letter written

Co-founder Brian Greenley said, "This is a wonderful additional service we can offer to our community, as so many letter recipients do want to thank their writers. . The grant allows us to cover the additional admin costs of this pilot. If successful we will look for further funding to expand it to all our letter recipients and investigate a possible penpal project."

We'll be reporting back in 3 months time to let you know how the pilot has gone. And if you're a writer, please keep an eye out for a possible thank you letter coming your way.

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