We have received so many letters in response to our request to #SendSunshine this summer.

Here are a few extracts to inspire your own letter, and to give you your own ray of sunshine today.

Dear Friend, It's sunny today! The first song on the radio was 'Good day Sunshine' by the Beatles. It got me wondering how many other songs there are about sunshine (without asking Google). Which ones spring to mind for you? I can think of 'Here comes the Sun', 'Walking on Sunshine', 'Sunrise', 'Soak up the Sun' (I love that one, by Cheryl Crow), 'Don't let the Sun go down on me', 'Distant Sun' (another favourite, by Crowded House), 'Invisible Sun', and of course 'You are the Sunshine of my Life'.

from Liz

It's lovely to write to you and tell you about favourite childhood holiday. It was in the Algarve, our first time there. I made new friends around the hotel pool and we became obsessed with the toy grabber machine in the foyer and managed to get EVERY teddy out of it! We were so proud, our parents less so.

from Sarah

Summer school holidays start soon and the park across from us is preparing to open up. It will be so nice if the sun shines and we will be able to see the children returning to play on the swings and slides, play football and run around. I used to play on the same park as a child and I'm sure the sun shone every day for the whole of the 6 weeks holidays, we had so much fun. Memories to cherish of sunny summer days.

from Marjorie

The sun is shining at the moment and helping the weeds grow faster than the vegetables. The bees have been quite busy on the lavender bush and have been in and out of the bell shaped fuschia flowers on the hedge, which should be trimmed - but that can wait.

from Kelvin

Hope you can see a bit of sunshine where you are, it always lifts the spirits as do daffodils, roses, petunias and dandelions. Yes lots of people don't care for dandelions but that yellow sunny colour has the same effect in raising the spirits. Colours are everywhere, how fortunate to live in a world of colour. Best place for sunshine is to carry it in your heart :).

from Kelvin

I'm looking out of my window into my yard and my lavender has gone wild and really does look beautiful and smell beautiful too. My mint is also looking full and fresh - I boiled some of it with new potatoes yesterday and it was fabulous. It is so fragrant.

It is amazing how the scent of things can take us back to particular moments and remind us of nice times. Freshly cut lawns remind me of hot summers and being young, free and playing with friends. The smell of the salty sea always helps me de-stress and relax and generally makes me feel happier.

Hot strawberry smells remind me of picking fruits with my parents - kneeling on straw and eating as many as we picked in the sunshine.

What wonderful memories all triggered by the perfume of something.

from Claire

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