Hello to you,

In August we teamed up with New Perspectives Theatre Group to take their postcard drama to the homes of isolated cancer patients.

We had the most amazing response to our campaign to raise money and initially raised £450 which was enough for 45 people to receive the postcards but we had had 72 people nominated.

We then had the most amazing offer - a kind donor offered to pay as much money as was needed so everyone could receive the postcards, and so thanks to all the kind donations, on 19th October, everyone nominated to receive postcards will begin to receive them.

And here are just a few of the thanks we have had.

'How absolutely lovely – thank you so much – something we can enjoy. Lovely lovely.'  'It made me a bit weepy when I read your message. I think this will really make her day.' 'She totally deserves it as she has been having a really tough time with her illness and treatment.' 'She’s made up, really put a smile on her face.’ So many thanks to you all for your kind generosity

Thank you so much for being involved

From Me to You team xx

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