This summer is going to be different for all of us, whether we're holidaying, working to hoping to visit family and friends.

But if you're a cancer patient, then life is even more different as hospital visits happen alone and isolation continues.

So we want to take some summer sunshine into the hospitals and to those receiving treatment at home.

Sunshine can come in all sorts of hopes and sizes and fits perfectly into an envelope or onto a postcard.

Do you have a favourite summer poem?

The summer flowers in your garden or window box?

The smells of a BBQ?

Noises of children in the garden paddling pool?

We don't have to be on holiday to send a postcard. With stationery shops now open, and online sales still booming, we can browse for a bright card which will send sunshine straight from you to someone who needs some of it in their life.

Perhaps turn your favourite summer photo into a postcard with TouchNote

Make sure you never run out of stationery by getting a monthly delivery from Spotlight Stationery

Or chose just the right card from Dandelion Stationery

Or keep it classical and stylish with a pad of Basildon Bond

We'll keep posting ideas for your Send Sunshine letters on social media using #SendingSunshine and in next month's newsletter.

Happy Sunshine Writing!

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