When Pamela Flaherty's work friend, Simon Leech, sadly died of cancer aged 39, Pamela wanted to do something in his memory. She came up with the unique idea of doing 39 challenges over 39 days, each challenge being related to '39' along with a fundraising target of £3,900.

So she is, to name a few of her challenges, walking 39km, baking 39 cupcakes for the NHS (twice!), standing on her head for 39 seconds, decorating 39 envelopes for our letters and even writing 39 letters for our Donate A Letter scheme.

In one of her letters she wrote of her challenge:

I’ve actually really enjoyed the distraction in lockdown but have not liked having to record my antics and post them on social media - no one teaches grown-ups how to look good in selfies, or the difference between # and @, and then when you do get followers, you are both freaked out someone saw you and flattered they are interested! What I’ve really discovered on my journey, though, is that resilience can be learned.

And as she now reaches the half way stage of her 39 days, that resilience really is going to be needed. We are so grateful to Pamela and her huge fundraising efforts. As COVID-19 continues to impact the lives of cancer patients in such an adverse way, Pamela's fundraising means we can continue, and extend the reach of our work, as the requests for letters from those isolated increases.

To follow the rest of Pamela's challenge, she's on Instagram @pamelajflaerty and her Just Giving page is here

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