On Sunday 21st June 2020 we launch our Ten For Ten challenge to celebrate 10 years since co-founder Brian Greenley's cancer diagnosis and Alison Hitchcock's offer to write letters to cheer him up.

We're raising money to ensure that cancer patients continue to receive our letters as the uncertainties of Corona make their lives more and more difficult.

So here's our 10 days of challenges:

  • Sunday - 30 Sun salutations 🌞 (and start juggling challenge - 10 mins daily practice)

  • Monday - 50 Burpees in 10 mins 😓

  • Tues - Bake 10 cakes 🍰

  • Wed - Headstand - who can stay upright for longest 🙃

  • Thurs - Decorate 10 envelopes 💌

  • Fri - 520 skips (jump rope) 💪

  • Sat - Write ten letters ✍️

  • Sun - open water swim - 750m 🏊

  • Mon - 10 star jumps, 10 spotty dogs, 10 squats X 10 💪

  • Tues - Juggling Finale 😫

It will be your donations which keep us going.

Just a donation of £3 ensures letters are delivered to 5 cancer patients.

You can donate here - thank you so much - or you can join us and create your own Ten For Ten Challenge fundraiser. We'd really lovely to have you all to be involved.


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Inspiring people to write letters to those living with cancer

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