Through lockdown we have been receiving feedback from letter recipients which has encouraged to make sure we keep on getting letters out however tricky it might be.

Dear Brian and Alison

I recently received one of you marvellous letters in a care pack from Wrexham Maelor Hospital where I am having treatment for cancer. I cannot tell you how great it was. I was trepidatious at first and didn’t read it. I dislike all the platitudes about cancer people come out with. But the letter was from Japan with beautiful paper and stamps. I read it. It was from a lovely lady called Moe who is a postmistress in Osaka.

Who would credit that this lady and I became connected, as she said we shared a time through the letter. The letter was full of humour, news and interesting info about Japan. She included two inspiring quotes which I found helpful.

Anyway the reason for writing is to ask if you could thank Moe. I don’t know the rules but please, if you can let her know that her letter made such a difference to me at a low point in my treatment. I was touched by her humanity and that fact that she bothered to do this. Also by your project which I had not heard of. The letter was dated the same week I was diagnosed with cancer. I thought that also a wonderful coincidence. Anyway my heart felt thanks to this lovely person so far away and to you for this fantastic project.

Best wishes


I have a cousin who is ill with cancer and your charity has made me aware of the importance of positive, light news, and the joy of receiving post.


I’m writing to thank you for my letter at Bedford Primrose Unit. I have had breast cancer and have cancer in my bones. I had my treatment at home so didn’t know of your service until last week when I went in to have bone infusion and was given the lovely gift.

Once again thank you

Regards Joyce

I was treated for cancer 6 years ago & understand some of the feelings that people go through. I think the concept of receiving a letter in what may be difficult times is a uplifting thought. (Michael)

And just occasionally we can match writer and recipient.

We wrote to Lesley:

Hi Lesley

I hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

I just wanted to let you know that today one of our letter recipients posted on Facebook that she had received a lovely letter from Lesley that had made her giggle.

We know that it must have been one of yours .

Well done for brightening a day.

Kind regards

Alison (From Me to You)

And Lesley replied:

Oh Alison - you’ve made my day - thank you for taking the time to message me. I’m happy that my silliness made someone laugh! I do a variety of voluntary work and currently am trying to cheer up 4 elderly single ladies who are very isolated and frightened as I can no longer offer visits so your email brightened my day! More letters will be sent regularly for such times as things return to something like normal. Alison take care and keep safe,

Love Lesley

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