Letters have become so important recently, as we all seek out more ways to communicate.

However, we know that not everyone can get out to a postbox and that people have concerns about the burden being placed on postmen.

We have a solution.

  1. Choose some of your favourite stationery.

  2. Write your letter in your best handwriting

  3. Take a photograph of the letter

  4. Send it by email to your lucky recipient.

We were lucky enough to receive this one from The Handwritten Appreciation Society and it made our day.

Give it a go and get the family to join in - kids' drawings and doodles make great letters and are so joyful to receive.

And why not join in our Family Letter Writing Challenge? Read about it here and follow on social media with #lettersconnect. We're asking families to get together to write letters to loved ones, key workers, neighbours. Keeping us all connected.

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