We know that as Easter approaches and we're locked inside, we're going to need some activities.

So why not join us in our Family Letter Writing Challenge.

Everyone can get involved from toddlers to grandparents.

We want you to write letters, cards, postcards to loved ones who you are missing at the moment. It might be friends from school, cousins you would normally have seen at Easter or work colleagues you never imagined you'd miss!

We challenge your family to write 10 letters.

Kids drawings and doodles make great letters.

Poems and quotes can really lift spirits.

Postcards are easy and quick to write.

Share our photos of your writing sessions and your drawings, letters and do post them up with #lettersconect on social media.

Every day we post up a daily letter writing prompt on social media.

Check them out here.




And to help you keep track, here's a poster for you to print off.

And here are some sample letters to inspire you:

Sample letter 1

Sample letter 2

Sample letter 3

How to write a letter

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