14 year old letter writer came to us via the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. We asked her to tell us about her time volunteering for us. Just like the letters she has written over the last 6 months, her blog is witty, warm and encouraging.

My name is Liv, I’m 14 and over the last six months, I’ve been writing letters for ‘From Me To You’, a charity that encourages people to write a letter to someone who is living with cancer.

‘Wait!’, I hear you ask. ‘A 14 year old can write letters?’ I know - shocking. But, believe it or not, we adolescent folks can still manage to communicate without using emojis. ( Not all the time though – let’s face it, there are no words to convey your disappointment in your parents for using the latest slang over text; only a face palm emoji will suffice there.)

But how did I start volunteering? Enter, the beloved Duke of Edinburgh Award. Nowadays, life can seem manic and society is leaning on Artificial Intelligence more and more to get through our crazy lives. Naturally, this means that person to person contact becomes less frequent. What the Volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh reminds us is, to be the best person you can be, it’s important to remember to stop once in a while and give a little bit of our time to others.

When I was looking at ways to volunteer, I wanted to choose something that I was going to genuinely enjoy doing. From the start, I wanted to choose something that I could see myself doing long term, and not just for the three months that the Bronze award required. At the same time, I wanted something that I would be able to fit around the other sections of my course, my family life, school, and additional extra curricular activities. This is where Me To You Letters was perfect. It allowed me to combine my love of writing whilst hopefully making someone smile.

Despite completing my 3 month volunteering section for D of E, I have continued to write letters. It also inspired me to look elsewhere in my community for other areas where small acts of kindness can truly make a difference. If anyone out there is looking for a way to make a difference to someone’s life, Me to You Letters is a great place to start – all it costs are your thoughts, your time and the price of a stamp.

We would love for more teenagers and schools to be involved in our initiative. Please do contact us for more info.

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