We want you to help us take the joy of spring into the hospital wards and homes of those receiving treatment for cancer. In some countries, spring is know as the Queen of the Seasons, and if we can translate just some of the wonder of spring into a letter then we'll be happy.

To help you get your letter started, here are some prompts:

  • When does spring start for you - is it when you see your first snowdrop or daffodil, when you spot a bird's nest or just when you don't need a hat and scarf to walk to the shops?

  • Mother's Day is on 22nd March this year - what have you learnt from your mum, as a teenager how did your mum embarrass you, do you have a funny story about your own children or grandchildren?

  • World Poetry Day is on 21st March - do you have a favourite spring poem to share, or favourite spring quotes? Ours is 'Whatever the Reason, Spring is a Wonderful Season'.

  • Easter - childhood memories of Easter holidays, how do you celebrate Easter, can you have too many eggs?

  • Feb 14th Valentine's Day - have a look at our sample Valentine's letter for your own inspiration

  • Clocks go forward and we gain an hour of light - what do you do with this extra daytime - more time in the garden, extra time to train for a marathon, leaving work in the light?

For all the information on our spring letter writing competition, go to our Spring Competition blog post here

Happy writing and watch out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more spring letter ideas.


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