In 2019 Our Donate A Letter campaign exceeded all our expectations and touched more people than ever before.

More people signed up to become writers and joined our already strong team of letter writers.

But we also heard stories of how writing for Donate A Letter gave people the confidence to reach out to their own friends and family diagnosed with cancer during the year and connect with them through a letter or card.

"I would never have had the confidence to write to my friend if I wasn't writing for Donate A Letter." (Joan, Sutton - writing for Donate A Letter for 2 years)

"Sorry, I've not sent letters lately. My cousin in Texas has been diagnosed and I'm writing to him instead. Hope you don't mind." (Anna, Northampton - written 5 letters for Donate A Letter)

"Devastated is only way i can describe how I felt when she said she had breast cancer but at least l could so something." (Tony, Aberdeen - written for Donate A Letter for 2 months)"

This is why Brian and Alison set up the charity - to help people connect with their own family and friends. For them, this is the biggest achievement of 2019.

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