In 2019 we delivered almost 5,500 letters to cancer patients across the UK.

We want to be able to do that again in 2020 but we need your help.

As we receive more requests for letters, we need to recruit more writers and pay for the postage to get those letters to where they are needed.

A regular monthly or quarterly donation lets us know that we have the funds to keep our valuable work going, and reach more and more people feeling isolated and lonely through their illness.

So, how can you help:

  • £3 puts stamps on 5 letters being sent to cancer parents receiving treatment at home.

  • £5 pays for the postage to send a pack of 20 donated letters to cancer patients in hospital.

  • £10 pays for a letter writing kit for a new writer. Our writers generate, on average, 11 letters each through a year. In 2019 that made a difference to almost 5,500 people.

To get involved and make your donation, be it monthly, quarterly or annually, please click on this link to our secure payment site.

Thank you so much

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Inspiring people to write letters to those living with cancer

Registered Charity No. 1183413.

Registered Office: 14 Heathfield Gardens, London, W4 4JY.

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