At From Me to You we're never far away from our next fundraising challenge. And this summer is no exception.

Our co-founder Alison and her sister are tackling Cornwall's Hilly 100 - that's 100 miles of cycling with 9,000 feet of climbing. If like us you're not too sure what that means, it's like cycling up and down Mt Snowdon three and a half times over 100 miles.

The pair are taking Mr Postbox with them, along with some lycra and soft saddles!

Jane hasn't cycled since she was at school so the challenge is extra hard for her.

They are hoping to raise over £1,000 to pay for 75 free places on our letter-writing workshops for people wanting to learn how to connect and support a loved one with cancer and limit the social isolation so often experienced.

If you would like to sponsor Jane and Alison, here is the link. We're so appreciate of every penny donated.

Donate here

Thank you so much

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