So what's so good about sending a postcard?

  • Quick & Easy

  • Chance to send a picture as well as words

  • Can be sent from anywhere

  • Not expensive - only the cost of the card and stamp

  • Let's someone know you're thinking of them

Our #PopItOnAPostcard campaign continues with another example postcard to inspire you.

Many of us may think that sending a postcard from holiday is insensitive but those left at home unable to go away tell us that knowing someone is thinking of them brings a lot of comfort.

We hope that this postcard will encourage you to send your own.


Breathe in.

Can you smell it?

Wall to wall fish & chips.

Guess where I am?!

Thinking of you

If you would like to donate a postcard to someone in hospital this summer, sign up here.

And if you would like to receive a postcard, sign up here

Watch out for more postcards in the coming weeks and take a look at last weeks

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