In this beautiful letter, Peter writes of his experience of watching his son grow up. We are all a son or daughter, father or mother. Whoever receives this letter will know just what he is talking about, we're sure.

Is it perhaps easier to share our inner most thoughts, fears and hopes with a stranger?

'The school years flashed by and with each year he grew up a little more. Then came the year he started university and his reliance on us as parents was almost none existent. I know one day he will leave home, and I can tell you this as a stranger, it will break my heart and yet I shall hide it from him. I shall be happy and excited for him and we shall support him in every way needed. And my true feelings will be buried too deep for him to see... Why? Because my job as a parent will be done but my job as a father will go on forever - the best job in the world.'

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