We're delighted to announce we have a new outlet for our letters.


It's the fabulous The Treatment Bag.

We always want our letters delivered to as many people as possible, and this year, as the number of letters has increased, we can deliver even more.

We have teamed up with the wonderful charity, The Treatment Bag

who deliver the most thoughtful gift bags to cancer patients receiving treatment.

Along with hand creams, luxury tea, lip balm, cashmere scarves and a lot lot more, they are now popping a letter into their bags. The bags are delivered to anyone requesting one, and by Healthcare At Home and as gifts from friends.

We love the attention to detail and care put into the bags and are proud to have our letters be part of them.

And here's how The Treatment Bag began:

It all started with a bag of apples...

One of our trustees was sitting in hospital, being treated with the grisly treatment which is chemotherapy. A cider apple farmer appeared, ready to have his treatment (possibly still in wellies, covered in straw - some of the details are hazy), laden with carrier bags full of apples. Despite not knowing anyone in the room, he had decided to treat everyone with the fruits of his harvest.

In difficult moments, the little things really can mean the most and this had such a wonderful impact on all the patients, that the idea of the Treatment Bag was born...

Do check out their website - perhaps you could donate gifts or order a bag for a friend or yourself.

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