Our donated letters are always a joy but sometimes our writers share glimpses of their lives which make us smile, be in awe of or just make us giggle.

Here are a few of our favourites:

"I suppose my main news is that I ran the London Marathon last weekend. I'm 72 so my time of 5 hours 4 mins wasn't too bad. I'm very excited that my fundraising total for Brian Tumour now stands at £3000. i ran in memory of a friend's son."

"When I was a girl my mother told me if I washed my face in the morning dew on the 1st May I would always have good skin. I did this and have never suffered from spots, pimples or problems with my skin."

"In the 1988 Olympics I volunteered as a distance measurer for ski jumping. Eddie the Eagle landed his first jump in front of me."

"On my walk yesterday along the canal I saw a barge full of pirates."

"50% of the world's bluebells are in the UK."

"The reason bridesmaids wear the same colour is because in olden times (before brides traditionally wore white) brides were often kidnapped. By dressing bridesmaids in same colour as the bride kidnappers didn't know who was who."

And finally, we take our hat off to the lady who wrote about running a Ciderthon - a marathon with a table every half mile giving away half pints of cider for the runners.

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