Ever wondered what your postman gets up to before his shift starts?

Peter tells us here in a letter he wrote for our Donate A Letter.


I've just learned you are unwell so thought a short, surprise letter from a stranger might might lift your spirits.

Well, it's 04:00am on a Tuesday in late March '19. It's dark and cold outside but I'm tucked up in a Royal Mail sorting office about to start my working day. At 03:30am this morning my alarm woke me so I dragged myself out of bed and took the 20 minute drive to work, longing for the summer and its beautiful dawns.

The reason I'm actually writing this letter now (at 04:00am) is because the mail lorry is late. It happens sometimes, not as much as it used to, so with a few minutes to spare and wanting to do something constructive, I thought I'd start this letter.

I'm no stranger to these early mornings as I've been a postman for nearly 39 years but this early shift is a killer. I've seen so many changes in my time....

but what those changes are - well that's only for the lucky recipient of this letter to know.

Thank you Peter for your letter - you will definitely have lifted someone's spirits.

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