The Huffington Post have interviewed 3 people who received letters from our Donate A Letter campaign:

'Debra Biggs was about to start her third round of chemotherapy when she received a little bag of goodies at the hospital where she was being treated.

Inside the bag was a letter, handwritten from a woman in America. Biggs was hugely touched. A complete stranger had taken time out of her day to write – the letter detailed what she did for a living, the fact she liked crafting and some of the things she was making. “She wanted to let me know that someone was thinking of me and sending me positive thoughts,” Biggs, who is 49 and living with lung cancer, tells HuffPost UK.

Biggs had struggled with the first two rounds of chemotherapy and had been forced to take a break before starting the third, due to the harsh side effects of the medicine. Receiving the letter gave her a much-needed distraction and a brief respite from worrying about what happened next.

“I went from feeling anxious, sitting there facing going through chemo again, to feeling more at ease,” she says. “It really helped me.”'

To read the full article, click here.

And if you would like to send or receive a letter, then please sign up here.

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