Alan contacted us through Twitter to thank Nathalie for the letter his wife had received while receiving cancer treatment in hospital in Leicester.

Unbeknown to Alan, Nathalie had written her letter while studying English language in San Fransisco as a student of one of our writers, Lara Henerson, talking here about why she writes letters.

Nathalie wrote about her father and talked of his eyes and the love within them. She asked the reader of her letter how they would describe their own eyes or the ones of someone they loved.

We always love to hear that carers have benefitted from our letters too, and we encourage writers not to forget these invaluable people when they're connecting via a card or letter.

If you know a carer who could would like to have their day brightened by a letter, then get on and send one.

Need inspiration? Read a sample letter.

Need a first line? Have these on us!


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