Sarah was diagnosed with primary breast cancer at the age of 34 in 2017. She heard about us through CoppaFeel and wanted to share her stories of letters.

'I received lots of amazing letters, emails, cards and presents during treatment. I made a 'Lovely List' of all the nice things people did for me. The cards I was sent by my young friend Noah, who himself had a brush with lymphoma at the age of 7, and his grandad were really special and really lifted me before chemo.

I have another lovely story about a letter - about a year ago, I'd finished chemo a few months before but was still recovering from surgery and having injections every three weeks at the hospital. One of the amazing nurses at the chemo unit told me that she had a surprise for me. She gave me a card and present that another breast cancer patient had brought in. Every time the patient came in for chemo, she brought a card with positive and supportive messages and a little present for another person who was having breast cancer treatment. I love wildlife and the card was a beautiful hare which in itself was perfect, but her words were just so lovely. It's incredible to think of someone going through something similarly difficult and terrifying taking the time to be so thoughtful and kind. It made both the nurse and me cry. Some people are amazing!'

Our Donate A Letter campaign invites you to do the same as Sarah's anonymous friend and send your own card or letter to someone in hospital receiving treatment for cancer. Click here to find out how it works.

And if you need inspiration for your own letter, here's a sample letter.

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