You may have noticed a new hashtag creeping into some of our recent social media posts. #LettersConnect is our latest campaign and we have a lot planned for it.

Our aim with #LettersConnect is to involve all our followers, supporters, letter writers and letter recipients in a conversation about the power of the hand-written letter in connecting people, reducing social isolation, improving mental and physical wellbeing and being a conduit for kindness and happiness (I know, who knew that a letter could do so much).

We’ve got lots planned for the next few weeks including a great ‘Letters Are Better’ competition with a terrific prize for bookworms, stationery addicts and keen writers. We’ll also be meeting some of our letter writers, helping you with writing ideas and prompts, shining a light on leading female figures in the worlds of kindness, charity, writing and literature for International Women’s Day and much more!

So we’d love you to get involved and help spread the word about #LettersConnect

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