On 4th February, World Cancer Day, we hope you will join us to write a letter to a friend or relative suffering from cancer.

We'll be at the Bristol Central Library at 12.30pm talking about how a letter can change the day for someone undergoing cancer treatment, reduce social isolation and help with their mental wellbeing.

And if you don't know someone with cancer but would like to join in, then join our Donate A Letter campaign.

And you don't need to be in Bristol to join in.

Here's what to do:

1) Choose your stationery - postcard, card, notepaper. Choose something you would like to receive.

2) Start with Hi, Hello - it's as simple as that.

3) Next line - I thought a letter/card might brighten your day.

4) Let your pen do the talking - write about everyday things - your walk in the park and what you saw, smelt and heard, - your new hobby - your pet's latest antics - family - the haircut you should never have had - the dress you can't throw away and why - signs of spring.

5) Sign off with 'I hope this letter has brightened your day,' or 'I'm thinking of you.'

6) Get the address and a stamp (for Donate A Letter, our address is PO Box 71038, London W4 9HD) and pop it in the post box.

It's as easy as that.

Need any more info - email us on frommetoyouletter@gmail.com

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