In September we set ourselves 3 big challenges - to raise £1,000 by walking the Camino de Santiago, raise another £1,000 doing the London to Brighton cycle and have one of you write our 1,000th letter.

Without a lot of support we couldn't do any of these but we're very lucky to have some fantastic support at From Me to You, and so we smashed them all.

Brian and Gillian walked 150km of the Camino and raised over £1,000

A team of 8 of us cycled the 56 miles from London to Brighton and raised over £2,000.

And Peggy from Winchester wrote our 1,000th letter, telling us about the maggoty apples she harvests in her garden which are gratefully received by passersby when she puts them out in a box outside her house marked 'Bruised and maggoty but delicious.'

Thank you to everyone who supported us this last month. In October alone we are due to distribute over 100 letter writing kits and at £10 a kit, we are already using up our sponsorship money, but it's all worth it when we know that those kits will encourage people to connect with friends, family and strangers who are suffering with cancer by doing something as simple as writing them a letter or card.

To hear more about our 1,000 September, watch us talking about it here.

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