Want to take part in a charity challenge but not sure how to make it suit your lifestyle? Want to raise money for charity without the headache of asking your friends to sponsor you? Actively Giving has the answer.

Actively Giving allows you to take part in challenges to support good causes but you can do them in your own time, in your own way and at the same time get the support an on-line community - and a medal when you complete the challenge.

Our own partner charity, Lewis Foundation, who distribute some of our letters to cancer patients receiving treatment in hospital, have teamed up with Actively Giving, in a 12 days of Christmas challenge:

On the twelfth day of Christmas my trainer gave to me:

12 Runners Running

11 Ladies Lifting

10 Boxers Boxing

9 Kids are playing

8 Yogis stretching

7 Spinners Spinning

6 Dancers tapping

5 Kettlebell Swings

4 Mountain climbers

3 Deadlifts

2 minute plank

and a Christmas Medal earnt by me!

Want to join in? Sign up here

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