Whilst the summer is still with us, take advantage of the weather and write your letter outside, telling your reader what's happening around you.

Here are our favourite outside places to write:

  • Cafes - tell your reader about the people walking by

  • In the garden - nature is something we all have in common and our readers love to be reminded what the world looks like outside their hospital beds.

  • On the beach - are you reminded of a holiday romance? Go on - spill the beans.

  • Having a picnic - another common passion for most of us is food and drink. Write about your picnic - delicious food, irritating wasps and who thought it was a good idea to bring ice cream?!

  • Outside your tent at a festival - music, tattoos, new friends - (if you can remember any of it!)

  • In the park - games of softball and cricket, mad dogs and excited kids - bring some of the sounds as well as the sights into your writing.

  • Beer garden - BBQ's, Pimms and ice cold beer.

Some writers worry that telling people in hospital about lovely outdoor activities can seem insensitive. But if you focus on wanting to connect through a universal experiences and invite them to delve into their own memories, then you will have given them a welcome distraction and they'll appreciate the time you took to share your story with them.

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