Lara in USA sent us letters on postcards this week. Each one was simple but beautifully written.

Here is just one to give you inspiration:

Dear Stranger,

I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult time. I hope this card will cheer you up a little.

I am currently visiting Portland, Oregon, and yesterday i was able to meet up with a dear friend for the first time in 12 years!

She was my babysitter when i was a child, and i always considered her as an older sister.

We sadly lost touch, but I knew she lived here, so i spent days trying to look her up on-line before coming. And finally I got a response!

I was so happy! We met up for a 'happy hour' at a Peruvian restaurant, and it was just amazing catching up. She hasn't changed a bit, and according to her, neither have I, which is crazy because I was a teenager. She said i still have the same 'spirit', which made me feel very good.

We're going to keep in touch from now on, and I'm already making plans to come visit again.

Sending love and hope, Lara.

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