Trew Fields Festival is the he UK's 1st Cancer Awareness & Holistic Health Festival.

It's on the July 7th- July 8th 2018 and we'll be there on Saturday 7th.

There will be live music, comedy, yoga, meditation, massages, talks, workshops all on a beautiful farm.

We will be there with our pop-up letter-writing experience and hidden around the festival will be letters for you to find and discover how it feels like to receive a letter from a stranger.

Trew Fields is the ultimate educational Restival, a reboot during the busy festival season. It's a groundbreaking first-of- its-kind event bringing together top health speakers, those living with cancer and wellbeing experts in an uplifting festival setting. Our aim is to create a more progressive and hope-filled, fun-packed event around disease, prevention and integrative medicine. It is all about health and wellbeing - with a special zone for cancer awareness.

Here is more info on the festival.

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