At From Me to You love to tell our story in as many creative ways as possible, so we jumped at the change to tell tell the story at Brighton Fringe.

We scripted a 45 minute performance, using the funny letters Alison sent to Brian when he had cancer, Brian's poignant journal entries and some of the letters given to cancer patients via the Donate A Letter campaign. The performance is a combination of live performance and film.

We were incredibly lucky to have the support of actors, a talented filmmaker and wonderful director.

We decorated the room with letters and painted envelopes from the Donate A Letter campaign, which the audience read over a glass of wine.

The show was a great success and easy to perform to such a warm and appreciative audience.

"Loved it, Thank you for a wonderful understanding of your journey and the amazing project. Well done. Amazing." (Norah)

"Still thinking about this wonderful show." (Ben)

"I didn't expect to so laugh so much or to be so moved. A truly inspiring experience." (Andy)

Thank you to all those who supported our debut performance of Have You Got A Stamp? We will definitely be doing it again!

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