Seems the bubbles got the words flowing at our Cheltenham Pens & Prosecco evening.

Inspired by yoga teacher, Mary Devereux , Sarah Walker wanted to celebrate Mary’s recovery from a cancer diagnosis. Together they invited friends to the Kindness Café for a letter-writing session. Attendees generously brought bottles of prosecco, nibbles and stationery. Mary said:

“As I started to introduce the evening by recounting my own story, I was flooded with memories of the cards I received at that time. Just when I was at my lowest and most scared, love and support showed up in the words of my friend’s and family’s handwritten notes. I kept them out in the living room and would read them when I needed a boost.

The really beautiful part of evening was seeing how everyone got so involved in writing. Once the writing started, you could see the complete focus and enjoyment of simply sitting down to write. It seemed very therapeutic for the letter writers. One of the participants said ‘this is like journaling, the words came so easily once I started.’ I found that too. We rarely write by hand anymore as we use our phones so much to communicate. It was stripping back to basics and being reminded of the joy and beauty of writing.”

A couple of hours later 24 cards and letters were ready to be posted off to us, along with £65 of donations.

Thank you to Sarah and Mary, The Kindness Café and all those who came along and so generously gave their time to letter-writing. If you would like to hold your own Pens & Prosecco event, please contact us here.

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