We've had over 100 spring-themed letters since we launched our competition.

They have been a joy to receive and on behalf of all the hospital patients who have received them, a huge thank you to you all.

The Beast From The East appeared in many of the letters but so did daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells. Nature was the dominant theme of many of the letters and it was wonderful to know that all these images were brightening up the days of cancer patients in hospitals.

Writers were hugely generous with the effort that went into the cards and letters - photos, poems, children's drawings as well as beautiful prose.

And last week we had a phone call from a woman whose mother is undergoing treatment at Northampton General Hospital Oncology department. Her mother loved the letters she received, as did the lady in the next bed. The daughter was calling to thank us for cheering up her mother. Which really means she's thanking you.

So who were our winners?

1st place - Alexa Radcliffe Hart

2nd place - Justine Albert

3rd place - Judy Gaskell

Watch our video post here to find out what made these three letters so special and to hear the winning letter being read out.

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