Lara Henerson wrote this wonderful blog post about how discovering From Me to You led her onto her own letters and beyond.

'I wasn’t having the best day myself, the day I decided to write my own “From Me to You” letter. There had been some unpleasant events in my personal life, recently. As I walked home from the bus, brooding, I passed my favorite San Francisco bookstore, and the idea occurred to me to stop in and buy a stationery set, sit in the dog park, and write a letter or two.

Three hours of sunshine later, I’d completed six letters and did indeed feel better. The website tells you to focus on positive things, no matter how mundane, and that’s what I did. I wrote about my work, and how much I love my students, and happy memories, like when my parents first adopted their dog. The combination of nice weather and positive thinking really did the trick, and I was eager to send my letters off, and hopeful that I was making a difference in the life of whoever received them.'

Read more here about how she extended her discovery to others and impacted many more lives.

Lara is a writer, teacher and San Francisco resident. Read more about her at www.larahenerson.com

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