'We can't work out whether we're brave, super-creative or extremely foolhardy.'

That was Alison and Brian's response to their latest venture.

The pair are planning to tell their story in a performance at this year's Brighton Fringe.

'Once we'd booked a place in the Fringe brochure and found a wonderful venue we were pretty much committed. But at that point we didn't have a script, didn't have actors, and if we're honest, had very little idea what we were going to fill 45 minutes of stage time with,' said Alison.

With 5 weeks to go, they now have a first draft of a script, some actors through RADA's outreach programme, an enthusiastic filmmaker and booked a recording studio.

Here's what the Fringe brochure says about their performance.

'Rarely do we get a chance to change someone else's life, be it for a moment or forever. This funny, touching story, narrated in person and film, tells how letters sent to an ill friend changed the lives of both the writer and the recipient. The pair now change the lives of strangers, often just for a moment, through the power of letters. This story will inspire you to do the same and cleverly shows you how to do it. Expect to laugh out loud, and shed a tear.​'

Join them on 12th May to see whether they can pull it off.

They'll be performing at Writers' Place, New Writing South, 9 Jew St, Brighton BN1 1UT 7pm

Tickets available here

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