March 26, 2018

 Sending letters to our Donate A Letter scheme is a leap of faith.

Your letters are anonymous so the recipients have no idea who you are.

You don't know who receives your letter, they never write back and you don't get any specific feedback on your letter.


Last year we distributed over 550 letters to cancer patients in hospitals across the UK. Already this year, at less than 3 months in, we have received over 350 letters. That is 350 separate acts of genuine kindness and 350 times that peoples' days have been brightened. Many of the letters are sent from the UK but a great many come from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Austria, USA and Singapore plus many other countries.


So where do the letters go?

Some of the letters go to the Sussex Cancer Centre in Brighton and distributed by the nurses.

Other letters go to cancer wards at Northampton General Hospital, Milton keynes Hospital, Kettering Hospital and the BMI Three Shires Hospital, all distributed by The Lewis Foundation


We don't proactively seek feedback as that seems counter-intuitive to what we do, but people contact us and tell us how the letters have impacted them and their families.

Here are a few of the things we've been told:


'Such an unexpected surprise. it really made me smile.'


'After 26 weeks in hospital, thinking that someone who doesn't know me has taken time to write to me...Well..'




A lady who received one of your letters then paid forward the kindness by writing 20 letters and donating them to us.


A woman emailed to tell us how grateful she and her family were for sending a letter to her mother. She said she had cried at the thought that someone could be so kind towards someone they didn't know.


For all these acts of  genuine and appreciated kindness, we can't thank you  enough











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