How many acts of kindness have you experienced this week?

No many you may think, but this letter, donated to us by Doug Michael, will make you think differently:


My colleagues and I recently completed a 100km walk in aid of From me to You. Pushing my body through physical pain in the pursuit of a good cause is much more fulfilling that doing it for yourself it got me thinking about things we do on a daily basis that go unnoticed. This was my week -

On Monday a colleague bought me a coffee.

On Tuesday a friend called to see how my daughter's first day at school went.

On Wednesday an old friend I hadn't seen for years sent me a CD of a band

we both used to like.

On Thursday my sister bought me dinner.

On Friday a colleague brought us together for a letter-writing session, hence

this ramble.

It's amazing to think such small things struck such a chord and made such a difference.

I hope you experience similar acts of kindness.


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