The most simple letters often have the greatest impact.

At one of our pop-up events at the Postal Museum people spent time with us to write letters. This writer was very hesitant as she said she wasn't very good at letter-writing. We encouraged her to have a go, and her simple letter turned out to be one of the most beautiful of the day.


Obviously you don't know me but I am writing to offer you a squeeze of the hand and a smile which I hope brightens up the room in which you read this.

I hope you are comfortable and warm (very underrated I find!) and I hope this letter gives you something to brighten your day. Be strong and continue to be amazing. You matter to everyone who knows you.

All the best,


We hope that sample letters like this one will give you inspiration to write and so reduce the social anxiety, isolation and loneliness so often experienced by cancer patients. There is no magic needed to learn how to write a letter - just give it a go.

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