Encouraging people to write letters to friends with cancer

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November 27, 2018



This sample letter is perfect inspiration for a letter you may want to write for our Donate  Letter campaign, or if you're popping a Christmas letter into  card for a loved one this year.

For those alone or ill at Christmas the isolation felt can be even more pronounced, leading to social anxiety and loneliness. Writing a letter can help alleviate this.



I hope this note finds you in good spirits. I saw a website that suggested writing to someone who is poorly can really help them even though we may never meet.

      I hope this is true. It struck me as i have been writing to myself for 6 years. Ever since I had an illness of our own.

    Each year I put Christmas lights on the outside of the house. When I've finished I write a letter to myself reflecting on the year just gone and my hopes for the year ahead. I put it into the lights box knowing I'll read it a year later.

     Things never turn out the way I thought they would. Somehow I've always got,through another year and whatever challenges arise have been met with a mix of determination and humour. I hope this message might encourage you to look forward and reflect on how much you've already overcome.

    Best wishes





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