Today BBC Northampton aired something rather special.

Over the last few months they had interviewed one of our writers, Lexi Radcliffe-Hart, who has been writing to Mark. Lexi and Mark have never spoken let alone met, as Lexi is one of the many people who write anonymous letters to patients in hospitals. Today Lexi got to hear Mark's voice for the first time as the two of them talked about what it's like to send and receive a letter.

Lexi first wrote to Mark when he was recovering from a second bone marrow transplant. He said he was isolated and vulnerable to infection and had been in the same hospital room for three weeks when her letter arrived.

She wrote:

I understand you're cooped-up at the moment while you build up your immune system, so I thought I'd send you a tea-bag of Immunity, which might help a little, and then when you read this letter, it's like we're having a cup of tea together.

To hear more of Lexi's letters and Mark's response to receiving them, listen here.

It is very rare that we get to hear what it is like for the person receiving our letters so we are hugely grateful to Lexi, Mark and BBC Northampton for making this happen.

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