This week the ever popular Allusionist podcast featured From Me to You in one of 2 episodes dedicated to letter writing.

Brian and Alison talked about the comfort a letter can bring when you're ill and how their friendship developed through the writing.

In another part of the programme, prisoners talked about receiving letters from strangers.

Unexpectedly, there were overlaps in both the stories. Both talked about the ritual around reading the letter - setting aside a portion of the day to enjoy and cherish the time. And that the best letter content are daily observations - nothing profound or provoking, just reminders that beyond the current reality is another world.

Presenter Helen Szaltzman has promised more letter episodes in the future which we're very much looking forward to but in the meantime you can listen here to this first one. Since being broadcast we have received a lot of enquiries from people wanting to be involved in FroM me to You. We'd love to hear from more of you. Please drop us a line either through the website or at

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