Every week people donate a letter to From Me to You.

Every month people donate money to From Me to You.

But Alexa Radcliffe-Hart is the first person to donate a day.

And how grateful are we!

Alexa asked her employer, accountants Moore Stephens, if she could use one of her corporate social responsibility (CSR) days with us. They said yes, and we found ourselves spending a day with Alexa lapping up all her marketing knowledge.

At Moore Stephens, Alexa works in the marketing department and has years of marketing experience. Our day was a mix of hands-on practical assistance, setting up newsletters and subscriber mailing lists, as well as theoretical learning about corporate sponsorship, social media and how to initiate conversations and pitches with related bodies.

In one day we had covered the issues that we had been grappling around in the dark with for months. I think that few people realise how well their everyday work knowledge can translate into big learns for a charity or community venture. And donating your CSR day is a great way to give away this knowledge in a practical and effective way.

Thank you Alexa.

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