When we held our first Pens & Prosecco Writing Group last month we knew we'd get some wonderful writing but what we didn't expect were these beautiful cards. But that's the beauty of a Pens & Prosecco evening, it's about being creative in whatever way you can to make a difference to someone who will appreciate hearing from you.

The group started with 5 minutes of free writing - I always smile when...

This exercise gave us some ideas for letters, because what makes you smile will probably make someone else smile, be it a cup of coffee in the morning, colours in the autumn or the laugh of a grandchild.

While we'd all come together to write, and we had provided lots of stationery, one of us brought along these joyful cards which they had coloured themselves. They made everyone smile.

To give us inspiration for our writing, everyone pulled out of a hat some ideas, read them out to the group and our imaginations were sparked.

Here are a few of our ideas which you may want to use too:

  • The oldest thing I have in my wardrobe.

  • My favourite pair of shoes.

  • Childhood memories.

  • Was the weather better when I was younger?

  • Memories of my grandad/grandma.

  • What I like about autumn.

  • The hairstyle I never should have had.

  • Something I didn’t want to do that didn’t turn out so bad.

  • Summer holidays memories as a child.

The words flowed almost as well as the prosecco and by the end of the evening we had written letters, cards and postcards, as well as a couple of us sneaking those glorious painted cards into our bags!

It's not always easy to write to someone who you know is suffering, but joining together with friends and other writers can make it a fun activity and help the words onto the page.

If you would like to organise your own From Me to you Pens & Prosecco writing group, please contact us on for a Pens & Prosecco Kit

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